“Mr. Watson, come here; I want to see you”. The  first intelligible words spoken over the telephone which forever changed the way we communicate. And even though Alexander Graham Bell thought he was on to something, no one wanted his new invention with which the first verbal messages traveled by wire and through the air. Before that day smoke signals, bird messengers & telegraphs had to suffice as tiresome modes of immediate communication.

Communicating by actually talking directly to another person, face to face or via telephone has morphed into limitless options to transfer information from one person to another. Changing not only the way we talk but the way we listen to one another.

We are able to connect to & collaborate with people worldwide at incredible speeds at almost no cost. This information overload is limited only by our own ability to find, absorb, and store information to the point where apps are used to categorize & simplify data.  Everything is expedited:  shortcuts, symbols, abbreviations, new words and emoji’s that get the point across with ever fewer characters.

Somewhere SALT changed to have absolutely nothing to do with sodium-chloride and much more to do with the – same as last time; TTGA – implies an insult involving being told to go away and TGIF has nothing to do with anything GIF that implies the animation of stickers but much more to do with the fact that it is Friday.

The way we see the world is changing with buzzwords like wearables, augmented reality & virtual reality combining into immersive experiences that play on the boundaries of fantasy & reality. New trends and technology continually appear to disrupt our communication boundaries. No thing has the privilege of being timeless; unless it is revisited that is. 

If everything is changing or literally spinning 2F4U (too fast for you) revisit the Bell phone and go a little retro for some vintage inspired comfort.


viii phone tin random contextviiii retro phone postcard random contextx retro phone case random contextii phone message pad random contextv phone postcard random contextvi retro phone case iii random contextvii phone watch random contextiii phone messenger random context

Maybe all of this is just TMI (but you  have been forewarned as to the randomness of this context).